West Point Camporee – 2024

On April 18th, the scouts went to West Point to participate in the 60th West Point camporee.  The scouts were light fighters so they had to backpack 5 miles.

There were a total of 4 checkpoints and the cadets had refill stations for each checkpoint.

In checkpoint three there was an option to climb Bull’s hill which if you did you would get a special medallion.

They had many different stations with fun activities, like a station where you get to see and hold many different guns.

The scouts did a mudslide race to earn medallions.

At midday they had a parachute show where cadets jumped out a helicopter.

After every Cadet landed, the helicopter landed on the field and everyone was allowed to come close to it and look at it.

In the night everyone gathered to listen to Dj Extreme.

In the end the scouts had a great time and would recommend.