Written by Patryk and Ramiel
May 19, 2019


This past weekend Troop 20 attended and participated in the 2019 IROQUOIS DISTRICT BOY SCOUT CAMPOREE! There was fun at every corner but there was also work to do as soon as we got there!  Because of a Band school trip many of our scouts would be a little late that night but the ones who were able to show up at 5PM on Friday got right to work!  Guided by Eugene and Joe everyone worked with Sebastian to tie together long branches and began assembling our ‘Gateway’. As Josh and the other scouts showed up we all worked together to get it completed before dark. It was tough but I think we did a good job!

When the rest of our scouts showed up it was great to see everyone together and ready for a fun filled weekend! Everyone pitched their tents and Sebastian handed out our sleeping assignments. It was getting late and we felt a few drop of rain – and the next thing we knew we were all rushing to our tents to avoid the rain storm!  Then we slept.

6:30 – Reveille and Breakfast time!

The first batch of bacon and pancakes were a little ‘well done’ but they got a lot better right away. Bob and I (Ramiel) cooked the bacon while Conor and Christian were making the pancakes. Yummy! We received our TROOP 20 Camporee T-Shirts and were ready for a great day!

9:00 – Opening Flag Ceremony – During the flag ceremony Dan received the honor of holding the American flag while Christian held the Troop flag.

10:00-11:00 – Conservation Project – we cleaned up a trail in the woods and near the lake

11:15 – 3:30 Skill Trail:  Most of the afternoon was attending skills presented by other Troops and our favorites ones were Submarine Emergency and Neptune’s Trident Throw (tomahawk throwing!). In the absence of one of our Patrol leaders Moshe stepped in as Assistant Patrol Leader and did a great job!

In Neptune’s Trident Throw each scout threw a real tomahawk at a wooden log target, Christian sunk 4 tomahawks into the target!  Dennis also got one of his tomahawks in the target! In Submarine Emergency a group had to assemble a stretcher and have someone lay inside while other scouts carried them.  Carl learned quickly that going face down wasn’t as comfortable as on his back!   Carl’s group still pulled it off amazingly!  Great job guys!

LUNCHTIME!  Hotdogs and chips for everyone!  YUM! 

5:00 – Everyone who wanted to attend Religious services had the hour to congregate with fellow worshipers. I attended the Jewish services and was happy to see our friend Steve lead the service. Patrick attended a Christian congregation and said it was really great!

6:00 – DINNER TIME!  Tacos, Chicken and Mac & Cheese! Everyone got a turn at cooking and it came out amazing! We all had big appetites and ate everything! Eating with our mess kits is really cool! After dinner everyone helped clean up, wash out mess kits, pots, pans and made sure it was all nice and clean. After cleaning we practiced our skit which was called ‘Banana Pudding’ but because we were missing someone Bob and I scrambled to find a replacement, thanks to Ethan for filling in last minute and nailing your lines!  Great job!  After eating we we played a modified game of tag that Patryk invented where Patryk chases everyone!

8:15pm we headed to the field in our Class A Uniforms, Prepared to represent Troop 20!

After finding a place to put our chairs some of the older scouts went into the center of the field and lit the HUGE bonfire!  WOW! There was so much talent and we laughed so much at so many of the clever skits. My favorite was a Star Wars puns skit.
What is a Jedi’s favorite dessert?

10:30 – We headed back to camp to get some well deserved rest!  Time for bed! zzzzz


7:00 – Reveille
7:30 – Bagel Breakfast
9:15 – Closing Ceremony
Time to Pack up!