Onteora Scout Camp – 2019

One of the first things I remember hearing about when we talked about Troop 20 was the week long camp this summer.  I remember we all met months ago to watch a video and it was exciting! With all of the meetings, activities and school I kind of forgot about it but once school ended dad and I began preparing for the weeklong scouting adventure!  Now that we are back we can sit down and write all about it.

All in all it was a blast and every scout had an amazing experience! The lake swimming area was fun with all of the kayaks and canoes at the boating station. Bobby in particular seemed to have a real talent for kayaking and recently took a week long course on his own to get his Kayaking Merit Badge (BULLY!)

We also took our swimming tests when we arrived which was fun.

Our troop worked on several merit badges and with the help of our Assistant Patrol Leaders, Moshe and Christian they led the way to camp programs including Leatherworking, where we sewed a leather pocketknife holder and the Dan Beard program where we learned how to properly use a handsaw, a hatchet, an axe and a pocket knife. Patryk was really excited to work with the leather and he put such an amazing amount of detail into his leather piece.

Dennis seemed to be getting really into widdling and really got the hang of using a pocketknife quickly with the help of Dan who helped him find an excellent and safe method.

The week flew by and by the time Thursday came I was exhausted but still ready for more adventure! Our troop redesigned our campfire pit and cleaned each cot.

Senior Patrol Leader, Sebastian and Aiden helped each one of us in phenomenal ways and since they had both been to the camp in the past, showed us the best way to use our time. Thanks guys!

The opening and closing campfire ceremonies were fun and filled with energy and funny skits. On our last night, a bunch of scouts got up in front of everyone and danced to songs including YMCA (with all the dance moves!) It was a great way to shake off the homesick feelings we were getting.

There was a trading post where they sold merit badge books, pocket knives, Onteora Star Wars and Jurrassic Park themed t-shirts, Ice Cream and yummy candy (SUGAR RUSH!)

The food was provided by the camp and believe it or not, it was pretty good!

Breakfast – waffles, pancakes, cereal, fruit, juice, milk, etc

Lunch – chicken nuggets, macaroni and cheese

Dinner – fried chicken, mashed potatoes,

Each year the Scout Camp has a theme and this year was MARVEL vs. DC (we were DC). There were cool side activities with superhero themes like Batman Escape Room, Paintball Shooting, Hulk CAR Smash and Archery.

Patryk and Ramiel’s Top 5 choices for themes for the 2020 Scout Camp

  1. Stranger Things
  2. Five Nights at Freddy’s
  3. Dr. Who
  4. Star Wars
  5. Coke vs Pepsi

Speaking of archery, Carl and Patrol Leader Jude showed off some impressive archery skills – I can’t wait to see them continue to develop their talents!

At the camp there seemed to be at least a couple hundred scouts – everyone was cool and everyone seemed to have the same goal….to have fun!  Speaking of fun, Conor had a party in his tent with all the scouts hanging out and just chilling.

At night we bunked with a fellow scout, I shared my tent with Bobby.

He told me that I was snoring one night and every 3 snores an owl in the distance would hoot.  Maybe my spirit animal?

Also at night there were movies playing and we were excited to find that they were playing The Dark Knight and The Dark Knight Rises!

At the Endgame Campfire some troops got awards for campsite cleanliness and TROOP 20 was one of them! We also received our Dan Beard Badges!

I won’t lie, when I got home I was happy to take a shower and lay in my own bed but I can’t wait for next summer!